Total Solution System


Leave everything to UYEMURA.
The sense of trust customers have gained in UYEMURA has been nurtured by our integrated organizational capabilities and know-how.

The work involved in the field of surface treatment can be split into three main categories: chemical processes, mechanical systems, and chemical control systems. At UYEMURA we are involved in all three aspects of these categories, which makes us unique.

Covering all aspects of the field means that we accept full responsibility for providing the total system solutions demanded by our clients. It is quite difficult to solve problems if one is only involved in just the chemical processes or mechanical systems.

With our total systems approach UYEMURA is well positioned to address these problems, and the trust that has been placed in us by our clients has provided the motivating power to advance our technological advancement steadily forward over the course of many years.

It has been said that having our own plating factory for performing the actual finishing process for surface treatment within the group makes us unique in the industry. For us at UYEMURA, however, this is quite natural as we wish to make sure that the products and services that we provide our clients have been finished to perfection “in our own factory with our own hands”. We also provide full support from inspecting localities through to factory planning for customers who are intending to move operations overseas. It is this attention to detail that ensures that the level of services we provide cannot be duplicated by other companies.